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We are QSXL

We are QSXL, a Dutch-Slovakian organisation that supports companies in expanding and setting up development teams. From Slovakia, we set up remote teams for scale ups and start ups in the Netherlands. With us, you get to work directly for one of our clients. This is not for the boring large multinationals with old legacy systems but for the innovators, the companies of tomorrow, where you will be actively involved in their future success. We are therefore looking for developers who fit the bill, who can and dare communicate in English, who like to share their knowledge but are open to learning. Who can easily become part of the international development teams at the customer. Does that appeal to you? Then read on or send a message to Lucia to get acquainted.

We offer you


You can choose how you would like to work. At one of our comfortable offices, from home or anywhere else. Let us know your preferences in terms of working days and hours and we’ll match you with the right clients to make it work.

Interesting projects

No boring, multinational legacy IT jobs, but modern, innovative challenges with lots of responsibilities and freedom. You will become part of technology driven startups and scale ups in The Netherlands.

A great team

Join a highly motivated Dutch-Slovak team which already works together for over 10 years. You’ll appreciate working with open minded colleagues who gladly share their expertise.

Choice of contract

We hire people regardless of the contract form. So, whether you feel more comfortable by a permanent contract and a monthly salary or prefer a freelance contract. We don’t care.

Focus on your strengths

We are not an IT company. We just make it happen, for you and for our customers. For you we make sure that you only have to focus on what you do best, IT development, and can do so in a way that fits you. We take care of the rest, such as sales, contracting, taxes, flights etc.

Fill your needs

Salary starts at 18€ / hour (2880€ / mo) and Up based on your experience... or maybe it's not only about the money, so feel free to tell us how we can fill your needs.

Fruit packages, or are you dreaming about pizza fridays? Do you want to travel more and have beer with us in Amsterdam?



We already have a nice selection of innovative clients lined up who are eager to work with you. Do you want to work specifically with one of these companies or rather diversify by supporting multiple of them? Let us know and we’ll gladly try to make it work for you.

Knaken is a platform where anyone can go who is looking for a safe place to trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Polkadot and many others without having any technical knowledge. We started this company from our passion for technology and digital currencies and we use a “Keep it stupid simple” and “No- nonsense” methodology. This is not only reflected in our products, but also in the company itself.

More info about Knaken, see:



The Recruitment Marketing Technologie of MrWork allows our clients to engage with the best talent online. Through the innovative use of data and social media we ensure a better match with future employees and save on recruitment costs. We offer an intuitive online environment where our clients set up, manage and review their recruitment marketing strategy. Our in-house built system entails among other things the automated launching and monitoring of multi-channel social media campaigns and personalizing the candidate journey through data analysis.

More info about MRWork, see:



Gynzy has been around since 2009. We develop digital learning resources on our online whiteboard platform for K-12 students and teachers. Thousands of teachers rely on Gynzy to deliver engaging lessons to their students, whether they use and customize our pre-made lessons or create their own from scratch. At our offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and Brooklyn, New York we have more than 60 people working together to make that happen.

More info about Gynzy, see:



A Sourcing Center of Excellence, a knowledge hub. That is what we want to be for our customers and have been working on since 2009. A uniquely driven group of people who know exactly who their target group is and how to interest this target group for a vacancy or career with our client. We operate at the intersection of intelligent search algorithms, data analysis, marketing and candidate seduction to ensure that our clients can continue to attract the best talent. And all of this is fully measurable, transparent and supported by our own tooling. Think along the lines of our in-house built ATS system, an automated mailing system, data analysis and the jobpage you are now viewing. But we don’t stop there, we keep looking for new ways to improve our services to remain an innovative organization which stays ahead of the competition.

More info about QSXL, see:


Some of your IT colleagues

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Martin Pivka

"It’s more than 6 years since I joined the QSXL team. Since then we’ve been working on many interesting and challenging backend, frontend and fullstack projects. We are young and dynamic team of developers passionate about new technologies. We always try to choose the latest and greatest tech stack to accomplish our goal. That’s what I love the most. We are always open to fresh ideas. Great company culture with great people with whom you can not only be colleagues, but also friends."

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Peter Lüley

"I’m really proud to be working at QSXL. While I’ve only been here for a short period of time, I’ve already worked on a handful of projects and gathered a lot of experience with new technologies. My work is mostly focused on creating new web pages or applications for our clients. The experience here at QSXL has only been great so far. Colleagues are very welcoming and the overall atmosphere is nice. I believe that in the next few years even better things await us. "

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Lukáš Ragula

"I have been working for QSXL for the past 6 years and I'm very satisfied. We are young, progressive team from allover the Slovakia. Before we start a new project we always go together over the tools, frameworks and languages we will be using. Everyone's opinion matters. That's why I like this job."

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Tomáš Regina

"Although I've been in QSXL for a relatively short time, thanks to a super team and a variety of projects, I feel like I've been here much longer. We, developers, are moved forward by interesting projects with interesting technologies, and this is exactly what I found in QSXL. Solving problems, helping other colleagues and at the same time feeling like I'm moving forward on my own - that's what I like most, and that's what QSXL has to offer. The international team is a guarantee of creativity and, of course - interesting teambuildings. "


Our meeting hubs

As an international team our head office is in the cloud. This does not alter the fact that we greatly value working together and meeting each other physically as well. That is why we have two hubs in the Netherlands and one in Slovakia where you can work together very pleasantly whenever you want to or need to.

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Lucia Ragulová

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