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The Challenge

QSXL is growing its global footprint and taking its innovation forward through a network of Partners throughout the world.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and at least 5 -10 years of experience as a freelancer in the recruitment market, as a recruitment consultant, headhunter, owner of a recruitment company or in another similar position in your region/Dubai? Do you speak fluent English (a grasp of Arabic would be an advantage but not essential)? Have you used your skills and experience to build a customer network in your region and environment and now want to benefit from this experience and the QSXL innovative technologies and services? Then we have an incredibly exciting opportunity for you: Become our QSXL Partner in Dubai!

Innovating Not Imitating

For over a decade QSXL have strived to continually change the face of recruiting. How you may ask? For the initial, what we refer to as candidate analytics, we use a Market Scan to quantify and fully expose the target pool for a vacancy before beginning the Search. In the ensuing algorithmically based Search, we use our proprietary automated techniques combined with our uniquely skilled supporting staff to trace the digital footprints of relevant talented and promising potential candidates. We find and convince an "underlying" or passive layer of candidates who do not have their CV online, using another proprietary QSXL tool, the JobPage. This provides incredible vacancy related candidate matches and often unique results for our clients, ultimately changing the face of recruiting.

Started 13 years ago

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  • Initiate or ramp up your own recruitment business
  • If you are working for a company that is not your own, start your own
  • Build a unique recruitment business as a Partner in Dubai
  • Offer clients our Products and Services and leverage over a decade of innovation
  • Create unsurpassed revenue streams for you and your business
  • Remote work
  • Leverage an entire back-office for your business
  • Unsurpassed ROI

We Offer

A "business in a box" with the full host of back office, and sales tools needed to succeed.

A world class Search and recruitment platform, with supporting products.

In house and continuous development, with relevant market innovation on our products and services.

Demonstrable and sustainable revenue growth for our partners.

Global training and support.

Your Support

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Brett Thomas

Global Partner Development

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Carla Storey

Project Sourcing Consultant

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Bas Hudepohl

Commercial Director

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Alessa Boer

Project Sourcing Consultant


We need

A registered business or the ability to register a new business in your region/country.

A referenceable trading/recruiting history.

At least 5 -10 years of relevant experience in the recruiting market (possible exception with a high level of motivation).

Sell or have sold, recruitment/headhunting services.

A current customer base, the ability to scale through sales of QSXL proprietary services and products.


Signing up new and existing customers to QSXL.

Managing customer relations.

Growing your revenue.

Building and/or scaling your business.


A Sourcing Center of Excellence, a knowledge hub. That is what we want to be for our customers and have been working on since 2009. A uniquely driven group of people who know exactly who their target group is and how to interest this target group for a vacancy or career with our client. We operate at the intersection of intelligent search algorithms, data analysis, marketing and candidate seduction to ensure that our clients can continue to attract the best talent. And all of this is fully measurable, transparent and supported by our own tooling. Think along the lines of our in-house built ATS system, an automated mailing system, data analysis and the jobpage you are now viewing. But we don’t stop there, we keep looking for new ways to improve our services to remain an innovative organization which stays ahead of the competition.

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